Lip-ski's Naturals Lip Balms are made with care and consideration.  The goal is to make the lip balms with the maximum amount of nutrients for the lips that will apply smoothly and not melt in your pocket.  There is a kiss of Country Botanicals Honey (from the Duluth area Bees) in each one.   

Ingredients:  coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, honey, bees wax, and essential oils

Lip balms do not contain sunscreen chemicals.   Essential oils are under 1% dilution rate.

LIP BALMS      $3.00 each

Citrus to Lift the Spirit -               Sweet Orange / Vanilla  $3.00               Tangerine / Vanilla          $3.00             Mandarin / Vanilla           $3.00             Pink Grapefruit /Vanilla $3.00               Lime / Vanilla                   $3.00                        

Lemon/Peppermint/Vanilla $3.00               for energy

Cha Cha Coffee               $3.00             to wake up and go

Shield -Lavender/Frankincense & Cedarwood                       $3.00              brings healthy benefits for chapped lips, along with calm and balance.