WELCOME TO LIP-SKI'S NATURALS....find the benefits of the natural world for you and your family.                Get a WHOLESALE PRICE  -  For a Wedding or Event...such as Lip Balms, Massage Lotion Bar, Bath Bomb, or Shower Steamer...etc. Orders of 25 plus will qualify,  contact Jackie

 NEW  --  BREAKING BATH Collection for BEER BATH BOMBS & SHOWER STEAMERS -                          Smokey Waters (Dark Ale)              Dark Cold Cafe (Dark Cold Coffee Ale)                                        Doraldo Sol (Plisner Bath Bombs)               Bloody Orange (Red Ale)                                                     Bronze Warmth (Spicy Ale).                                                                                                                           These have the underlying fragrances of  (Hops Flower, Gingergrass, Sweet Margoram, Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange and more essential oils, WITH cocoa butter and hemp seed oils.         Inspired by the great craft beers of Duluth area brewers, such as                                                           Bent Paddle Brewing, and Canal Park Brewing.                                                                                           AND they are great for skin nourishment and aching muscles and joints.

 The products are made with essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils and butters. The dilutions can be adjusted for safety and personal need, with consideration for age of person, child or elderly, and health status, pregnancy or breast feeding.  Please contact:  Jackie, Certified Aromatherapist, at  lipskisnaturals@gmail.com  

LIP-SKI'S NATURALS presenting at:  

3rd Annual Craft Festival, In Lincoln Park, Duluth, West Superior Street, appearing at Two Loon Boutique.  October 13,  Craft Booths.

Duluth Folk School opening Dovetail Cafe, Bath Salt Cake with Moon Press Demonstration, 5 pm to 6 pm, Oct. 26, Friday.  Items for sale.

THOSE GIRLS - appearing at Adeline's Inc.  Chair Massage  AND AROMATHERAPY GIFT PRODUCTS, Nov. 11, Sunday, 1pm to 4 pm,  Duluth Mn                

Health supporting Inhalers, Roller Bottle oils, Butters, Balms, and Creams with essential oils.   

A warm spa bath with a Bath Bomb.   Made with skin and muscle loving ingredients and essential oils.  

Inhalation from Shower Steamers can brighten our days and open our sinus.

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Offering Aromatherapy Classes:

Market Day                          http://marketdayduluth.com/ 

Duluth Makers Spaces -  http://www.duluthmakerspace.com/  classes on 

Duluth Folk School  https://duluthfolkschool.com/

Find Lip-ski's Naturals products at:

TWO LOONS - 2025 W. Superior, Duluth, MN

GATEWAY GOODS - 201 Chestnut Ave. Carlton, MN 


For Consultation  contact Jackie at:  lipskisnaturals@gmail.com